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Member:   Vermont Fresh Pasta
About Us:
Faithful to tradition, Vermont Fresh pasta & ravioli are made to order using handcrafted, old world techniques - pasta as it was meant to be! We use the finest all-natural ingredients, 100% Durum and Semolina flour, low moisture Impastata Ricotta cheese, and we do not use preservatives or fillers. We are located in Proctorsville, Vermont and have been making fresh pasta, ravioli, pestos and sauces for over 20 years!

What we produce:
FRESH Ravioli, Pasta, (including vegan), Tortellini, Manicotti, Pestos, Sauces, and Fresh Ramen Noodles!

How to contact us:
Tricia & Ken Jarecki
PO Box 314
Proctorsville, VT 05153-0314
Tel: 802-226-7580
Fax: 802-226-7543
Web site: